Happy New Year

A new year, a new slate, a new page.

You can write whatever you want, make new resolution, new decisions, be determine, stand by your choices and decisions, forget the past mistakes, let it not hold you down.

Forge ahead at the end your decisions, choices, steps will be what will determine how the year will be for you.

Sky is just the beginning.

How you do one feel when you found out you have an outstanding course

You can imagine how ones feels when you find out you wont be graduating with your mate ( trust me, your imagination will be just a tip of an iceberg to what the individual is feeling) I know better, you did have an extra just because you are not intelligent, sine you know some people that your intelligence quotient is higher than theirs and you realize that they escaped unharmed.

That is when you realize that been brilliant is not the same as been smart, that you are brilliant does not equate to been smart but people believe the smart ones are the brilliant individual because they know how to maneuver there way around issues.